Active volunteers may attend concerts free.

We currently have a need for volunteers for the following tasks:

- provide home cooked pastry snacks/cakes

We currently have need for a distributor for the Peyton and Falcon commercial areas.

see below for details on these positions

We always appreciate donations of cakes, cookies and other pastries.
1 or 2 sheet cakes (same or different flavors)
up to 2 doz cookies
1 doz other type pastries
Your donations of pastries and cakes are sold at our snack bar and help us pay our rent for use of the church building for our jams and concerts.


Prior to concert: You will make purchases of beverages, ice and paper supplies with BGAS funds (you will not need to wait for reimbursement). Although we would prefer purchases be made at a wholesale or warehouse store (Sams, Costco, etc.) in order to maximize our return on sales, that is not a requirement should you not be located near such a store. (note: ice can be conveniently purchased at Maggies General Store in Peyton.)

At the concert:
You will typically arrive around 6:15-6:30 to begin setup and starting coffee maker.

(note: some find it more convenient to stock beverages in the ice chest before leaving home and pickup ice in Peyton enroute to the venue.)

Set out donated snack items on individual paper plates and collect payment from guests buying food or drinks.
After the snack bar closes:
note: The snack bar may be closed at 8pm after intermission. At this time you are free to attend the concert or perform end of night duties.
Unsold beverages will need to be stored at your premises as we have no available storage space at the church. Likewise the ice chest must also stored at your premises. Past snack bar operators have found this to be a convenience as they can readily assess how many drinks to purchase between concerts and stock the ice chests before leaving home.

Before leaving after the snack bar is closed you will be responsible to assure the kitchen area is left as found, the area policed for cleanliness and trash collected and deposited in the dumpster.

Accounting of funds:
When you first start you will be provided "seed" money to make your intial purchase of supplies. Keep receipts for purchases of supplies, ice, coffee, and beverages. At the end of each concert night turn in funds received from sales plus unused seed money along with receipts for purchases made since the last concert. You may retain a fixed amount (determined according to need) as seed money for purchasing supplies for the next concert.

When turning in receipts and funds you will need to provide a simple written form listing:
   1. Seed money previously recieved for purchases
   2. Total of supplies purchased (backed by receipts or an explanation)
   3. Seed money remaining (line 1 minus line 2)
   4. Amount received from product sales
   5. Cash on hand end of night (total of lines 3 and 4)
   6. Seed money retained to buy supplies for next concert night.
   7. Balance to be turned in for deposit in bank (total of line 6 minus line 7)

Primary function: Responsible for use of web design software to update the website with copy and photos supplied by the Web Author, uploading the updated pages to the server.

Responsible for maintaining domain registation, host server accounts, and managing email accounts.

Support use of the internet for proposed features managed by other BGAS volunteers (eg: online membership collections, online donations, online newsletters, etc.)

Other: Collaborate with the Website Author to develop the format and general layout of the website and add new features.

Note: The Web Author and Web Design Technician can be the same person. If the tasks are handled by one person, that person will be listed as the Web Master.

For more information or to volunteer contact Ron Lee at 719-359-7483 or ron.lee@buffalograssacoustic.org.

Arrives no later than 6:30 pm concert nights.

The Greeter is our good will ambassador. You are charged with giving first impressions and making everyone feel welcome. You are the go to person for our guests who have questions or needs.

Positions him/herself in foyer and greets guests as they arrive and hands them the night's program (if available), and do what you can to make them feel at home.

Ascertain if this is their first visit. If so ask how they heard about us (and let Ron Lee know later), advise them where they can purchase their ticket, explain the door prize drawing process and importance of holding on to their ticket stub for the drawing.

Advise them to contact you should they desire to join the society and take advantage of our member discounts in the future.

Offer to assist handicapped people get seated. People in wheelchairs may be positioned in any open area (except the hallway) including in front of first row, or at a side of the main aisle (if there is more than one person in wheelchairs in the main aisle, they must all be on the same side of the aisle.) Wheelchairs are not permitted in the side aisles.

The Door Greeter may assist with accepting new memberships. This may entail obtaining the clipboard with the blank form, providing a pen or pencil for the guest's use etc. You will generally guide them out of the high traffic areas to complete their form. Once the form is completed you will guide them to the ticket seller who will collect the membership fee. Meanwhile you will complete a membership card for them. The expiration date on the card should always be 1 year from date of issue (unless they opt to pay for more than one year's membership or extend an existing membership.) Make sure to indicate whether it is an Individual or Family membership on both the form and card. The form will be retained by the ticket seller and ultimately given to the membership clerk.

We produce a 8.5 x 11 inch flyer each month promoting the next month's concert. These flyers are available at the church on concert nights.

We have several delivery areas where flyers are distributed. Distribution points are typically businesses with bulletin boards or that allow posting in front windows or other places. Distribution in the Colorado Springs area is limited primarily to music stores and western clothing stores.

We currently have need for a distributor for the Peyton and Falcon commercial areas.
We currently have need for a distributor for Colorado Springs  (primarily music stores.)

Recruits and provide guidance to volunteers.
Schedules and reassigns volunteers when necessary. Most volunteers coordinate among themselves to cover positions.
Assures all necessary positions are filled for each concert night.(see list of volunteers on our "Contact us" page (https://buffalograssacoustic.org/contact-4.html)

Buffalo Grass Country Concerts
Great Music for the Whole Family
presented by the Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society
15504 Bradshaw Road - Peyton, Colorado 80831
Free Acoustic Jams
Held 5:30pm on concert nights

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