We currently have a need for volunteers for the following tasks:

We always appreciate donations of cakes, cookies and other pastries.
1 or 2 sheet cakes (same or different flavors)
up to 2 doz cookies
1 doz other type pastries

Website Author:
Primary function: Writes promotional copy for each concert. This involves obtaining performer profiles and photos from performers and rewriting the information to appeal to our target audience.

Profiles and photos are generally obtained from the performers themselves via email or their websites, or from previous writeups at other venue websites using a web search engine (Google, etc.)

Other: Collaborate with the Web Design Technician to develop the format and general layout of the website to add new features.

Web Design Technician:
Primary function: Responsible for use of web design software to update the website with copy and photos supplied by the Web Author, uploading the updated pages to the server.

Responsible for maintaining domain registation, host server accounts, and managing email accounts.

Support use of the internet for proposed features managed by other BGAS volunteers (eg: online membership collections, online donations, online newsletters, etc.)

Other: Collaborate with the Website Author to develop the format and general layout of the website to add new features.

 Note: The Web Author and Web Design Technician can be the same person. If the tasks are handled by one person, that person will be listed as the Web Master.

For more information or to volunteer contact Ron Lee at 719-359-7483 or ron.lee@buffalograssacoustic.org.
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