Active volunteers may attend concerts free.

We currently have a need for volunteers for the following tasks:

- provide home cooked pastry snacks/cakes

see below for details on these positions

Unless otherwise indicated, the contact for these positions
is Lee Patterson
info@buffalograssacoustic.org or 719-338.5771

We always appreciate donations of cakes, cookies and other pastries.
1 or 2 sheet cakes (same or different flavors)
up to 2 doz cookies
1 doz other type pastries
Your donations of pastries and cakes are sold at our snack bar and help us pay our rent for use of the building for our jams and concerts.

Lee Patterson 719-338-5771 info@buffalograsacoustic.org

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Responsible for website and email accounts

Use web design software to update the website with copy and photos.
Coordinate with website writers:
        a. Assure writers submit and meet deadline for monthly updates. 
        b. Writers will provide promotional photos and copy/performer profiles for each act to appear at the next concert.
        c. Work with other volunteers as needed (such as Jam leader to update the jam page) to add or revise pages pertaining to their assignment.

Responsible for maintaining domain registration, host server accounts, and managing email accounts. Obtain payment for these services from the president (currently Scott Lawrence.)

Managing email accounts involves adding or removing email accounts, adjusting settings such as spam filters, automatic forwarding and resetting passwords.

Support use of the internet for proposed features managed by other BGAS volunteers (eg: online membership collections, online donations, online newsletters, etc.)

Lee Patterson 719-338-5771 info@buffalograsacoustic.org
Ron Lee at 719-359-7483 or ron.lee@buffalograssacoustic.org.

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Arrives no later than 6:30 pm concert nights.

The Greeter is our good will ambassador. You are charged with giving first impressions and making everyone feel welcome. You are the go to person for our guests who have questions or needs.

The greeter positions him/herself in the foyer and greets guests as they arrive and hands them the night's program (if available), and do what you can to make them feel at home.

The greeter advises guests where they can purchase their ticket, explain the door prize drawing process and importance of holding on to their ticket stub for the drawing and, if interested, will explain about membership in the society. The greeter will also assist guests obtain memberships by providing the membership form, collecting payment and issuing membership cards. The greeter will assure membership forms are turned in to the membership clerk.

The greeter will offer to assist handicapped guests get seated. People in wheelchairs may be positioned in any open area including in front of first row, or at a side of the main aisle (if there is more than one person in wheelchairs in the main aisle, they must all be on the same side of the aisle.) Folks with wheelchairs may choose to sit in one our comfortable cushion aisle seats and keep their wheelchair with them.

Lee Patterson 719-338-5771 info@buffalograsacoustic.org

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We produce a 8.5 x 11 inch flyer each month promoting the next month's concert. Volunter distributors may pick up supplies at the previous month's concert in Peyton. No collections involved. You may attend the concert free.

We have several delivery areas where flyers are distributed. Distribution points are typically businesses with bulletin boards or that allow posting in front windows or other places. Distribution in the Colorado Springs area is limited primarily to music stores and western clothing stores.

We currently have need for distributors to service these areas once per month:
  • Peyton and Falcon commercial areas.
  • Calhan
  • Colorado Springs  (primarily music and western apparel stores.)

Lee Patterson 719-338-5771 info@buffalograsacoustic.org

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This person is responsible to updating various online event calendars with listings of Buffalo Grass Concerts.

There are several event calendars serving the Pike Peak Region. Some are independent calendars while others are provided by radio and television stations and local newspapers.

Your assignment is to go online and enter pictures, short performer profiles, dates and other information to these calendars.

Lee Patterson 719-338-5771 info@buffalograsacoustic.org
Ron Lee 719-359-7483 ron.lee@buffalograssacoustic.org for info
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Buffalo Grass Country Concerts
Great Music for the Whole Family
presented by the Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society
15504 Bradshaw Road - Peyton, Colorado 80831
Free Acoustic Jams
Held 5:30pm on concert nights

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