Free Acoustic Jams
Held 5:30pm on concert nights

Buffalo Grass Country Concerts
Great Music for the Whole Family
presented by the Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society
15504 Bradshaw Road - Peyton, Colorado 80831
The Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society is registered as an non-profit organization with the state of Colorado and with the U S Internal Revenue Service under section 501c3. Donations to this organization are deductible items when reporting income for tax purposes.

We are proud that we have been self sufficient in handling day to day expenses for more than 15 years. As a result our need for donations is limited.

As our organization grew and crowds to our concerts grew our needs for equipment has grown.

We have some projects we would like to accomplish. It will require some donations in order fund them. If you would like to assist in funding them please use the donate button above.

  Stage lighting (est $3000)
  Miscellaneous sound equip (est $250)
  Credit Card scanner (est $80)
  Stage props (primarily fake hay bales) (est $150)
  Portable custom backdrop and frame (est $1500)

Projects total est  $4950 


Thousands of stores have committed to sharing 3-30% of your purchase with Buffalo Grass at no additional cost to you. Check out Giving Assistant for details. Some stores even offer YOU additional discounts.

Buffalo Grass Giving Assistant program
To donate goods or services contact Scott Lawrence at 719-332-2396 / or Ron Lee at 719-359-7483 /

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