For performers and visitors traveling to the Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society from the Denver area we have the following suggestions:

Do not rely on Google mapping to route your trip. As of early 2016 Google routes you through a myriad of back roads. Some are poorly maintained dirt/gravel roads. Numerous road changes have created confusion to travelers using this route.

There are two good routes we can suggest for a speedy, convenient and trouble free trip:
Route 1. I-25 corridor (73 miles via Colorado Springs or 62 miles via shortcut 1a)
Route 2. Via CO-83 through Parker (57 miles)

Route 1. I-25 corridor (73 miles)
From junction of I-25 and CO-470/E-470
South on I-25 45 miles to Exit 153 Interquest Parkway.
East on Interquest 3 miles to CO 21 (Powers Blvd.)(no lodging beyond this point.)
Powers Blvd south 6.5 miles to Woodmen Rd.
Woodmen east 6.5 miles to US 24 in town of Falcon (last stop for gas, meals.)
Take US 24 east (left) 9.5 miles to Peyton (Post office on left at curve in road.)

Note: Enroute on Hwy 24 you will pass Bradshaw Rd S on your right. Ignore this road and continue east on US 24 to post office on your left.

Turn north (left) onto Bradshaw next to post office, bear left and continue 2.8 miles to the Generations Church (formerly the Cowboy Church of Peyton,) at 15504 Bradshaw Rd.

Route 1a. Shortcut I-25 corridor (62 miles).
(Not recommended in icy/snowy road conditions)

From junction I-25 and CO-470/E-470
Note: no gas/meals/lodging after Castle Rock unless you detour into Monument.
South on I-25 35 miles to Exit 163 at El Paso County line (Monument Hill).
Take Palmer Divide/County Line Rd east 9 miles.
Take Black Forest Rd south 4 miles.
Take Hodgen Rd east 5 miles.
Take Meridian Rd south 2 miles
Take Murphy Rd east 6 miles
Take Bradshaw Rd north 1 mile to the Generations Church (formerliy the Cowboy Church of Peyton,) at 15504 Bradshaw Rd.

Route 2. via Parker (57 miles):
Note:  not recommended in snowy/icy road conditions due to county level maintenance on Elbert Rd.

From I-470E take CO-83 (Parker Rd) south 14.5 miles to Franktown.
Take CO-86 East 17 miles to Kiowa. Watch for Elbert Rd on your right as you approach the town of Kiowa (last stop for gas/meals/lodging).
Take Elbert Rd south 20 miles to Hopper Rd.
East on Hopper Rd 3 miles to Bradshaw Rd.
South on Bradshaw 2 miles to the Generations Church (formerly the Cowboy Church of Peyton,) at 15504 Bradshaw Rd.

Note: There are several options for gas and meals and an RV park in the town of Falcon, 10 miles southwest of Peyton. The nearest hotels/motels are in the Colorado Springs area,  Monument, Kiowa or Limon (if coming from the east.)

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