Venue and Location
We can seat 125 in the audience with additional space for 15-20 standing only. All seating is comfortable chairs with cushioned seats and seat backs.

This is a family friendly environment. No alcohol, bad language or naughty lyrics allowed. This is a very friendly, fun concert venue where your music will be truly appreciated without the noise and chatter common during performances at other venues. Be prepared for a warm welcome and lots of hugs and thanks for coming.

 Building access: 5:15 PM, sound checks 6:00pm, open stage 7pm, intermission and stage reset 7:45, headliner 8pm

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Buffalo Grass Concerts
bluegrass - country - western - folk - roots

The Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society
Country concerts and free jam sessions
hosted by the Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society

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Booking topics:

Genres - Roots including folk, western, country, bluegrass, jazz and more
Instruments -
Acoustic strings, others that support an acoustic performance.
Family friendly -
clean family entertainment. No risque, vulgar, swearing, etc.
Headline act details -
paid, 75-90 minute set
Opening act details -
unpaid, 20 minute sets, 2 acts per night
Merchandise and tips -
Yes. All proceeds to performer.
Venue location -

Payment -
Night of performance. Details
Booking -
full details of the booking process, contacts, venue details, etc.
Mentors, teachers, instructors -
this venue is not appropriate for recitals

Everyone is welcome to our concerts and we do emphasize a family friendly environment.