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The Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society
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Eighteen years of singin', pickin', n' jammin'
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Venue and Location

After nearly 18 years holding jams and concerts at the Cowboy Church of Peyton, the Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society must find a new home. We drew guests from all over El Paso as well as Elbert counties and Colorado Springs.

In 2020 a new organization took possession of the building. We will resume concerts and jams at a new location. This will be announced by various methods. See our notifications page for information.

If you know of a possible location for our activities please contact the president of BGAS, Scott Lawrence at president@buffalograssacoustic.org or phone him at Aquaduct 303-778-7663


This is a very friendly, fun concert series where your music will be truly appreciated without the noise and chatter common during performances at other venues. Be prepared for a warm welcome and lots of hugs and thanks for coming.

We hope to maintain the following schedule at our new location. Building access: 5:00 pm, sound checks at 5:30pm, opening acts 7 and 7:30pm, intermission and stage reset 7:45, headliner 8pm

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