Performer merchandise and tip jars

If you have CD's or merchandise promoting yourself or group you are encouraged to bring them the night of your performance. A merch table is provided for this purpose. Bring your own person to man the merch table.

All proceeds from merchandise sales belong to the seller.

We provide a set of tip jars (actually small buckets). The buckets are labeled with the stage name of the act.   You are encouraged to check and clean out the tip bucket with your name at the end of the night. Any unclaimed tips will be considered donations to the society.

You may also provide your own tip container to place on the merch table with your cds or other merchandise.  Since there is more than one act playing each night, it is a good idea to put your name on your container. 

If you do not have someone available to handle your merch sales, ask one of our staff for help. We can generally find someone willing to help out. An appropriate way to thank that person is to give them a cd or other merchandise at the end of the night.

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