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Opening act performances are 20 minute unpaid performances.

   Opening act candidates, solo or group, should have previous stage experience and be able to demonstrate a high level of musical competence. We do not necessarily accept bookings simply on recommendation (although that helps.)

   We consider whether the style, genre, type of entertainment, etc. fits our audience expectation. You will be requested to provide a video audition or link to online videos of your work, or other material for us to review. If your work is widely known or you performed at Buffalo Grass in the past we may, at our sole discretion, skip some or all of these steps.

   Back up tracks are not allowed.

   Although not required, it is highly desirable that opening acts supply publicity photos at least 120 days in advance of their scheduled performance or as soon as possible if booked less than 120 days in advance. These photos will be used in both print and online advertising.

This topic applies only to Opening acts:
Featured acts see Info for Headliners here)

see also: Why you should consider appearing as an opening act performer
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