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Info and compensation for Headliner acts only
(opening acts please review section for Opening Acts only)

Headline acts should plan to perform 75-90 minutes.
Phone or write our booking contact regarding compensation.
Only seasoned performers should apply for headline act bookings.

We make a determination on whether to book an act based on audience reaction at previous performances here or at other venues, and whether the style, genre, type of entertainment, etc. fits our audience expectation. We will use the materials you submit (such as YouTube links, CDs, biographies, list of previous engagements, etc.), to assist in this determination.

Back up tracks are not allowed.

High quality publicity photos are required 120 days prior the scheduled gig or as soon as possible if booked less than 120 days in advance. These photos will be used in both print and online advertising.

We prefer headliners consist of two or more performers. For example, a solo singer with guitar should be accompanied by at least one other person singing or playing an additional instrument. This enhances the performance considerably and helps maintain audience interest for the 60-90 minute set.

We will make exceptions to the no solo policy in cases where such performance would be exceptional and hold audience attention throughout the set. (In otherwords, if Willie or Kris showed up with only their guitar we would make an exception.) Other exceptions may include performances with instruments that will not necessarily be enhanced by accompaniment. A spanish guitar performance comes to mind in this context.

Compensation for Headliners

We pay headliners on the night of performance. The amount is predetermined at time of booking and printed in the booking confirmation.

As a non-profit organization we determine a set budget and compensation scale each year. All funds not needed for expense items or a reserve fund are dedicated to compensating performers. The performer compensation scale is adjusted for any shortfall or excess funds from the previous year prior to setting the performer compensation rates for the new year.

For details on compensation contact the booking manager at

Your compensation is based on the combination of two factors:
  •    a - 1 or 2 person acts receive base rate. Groups or bands of 3 or more performers receive additional compensation.
  •    b - Visiting performers: Visiting performers and groups* receive a fixed travel adjustment.
*A visiting performer or group is considered a person or group who must travel from outside El Paso County, Colorado.


Cancellation by Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society

In the unlikely case where a concert may be canceled by the Buffalo Grass management the following provisions apply:
  • Show canceled more than 2 hours prior to sound checks (ie: 4:00 pm) for a scheduled concert: no compensation
  • Show canceled less than 2 hours prior to sound checks (ie: after 4pm) for a scheduled concert: visiting performer or group (artist(s)): 50% of scheduled payment. Local artists: no compensation
  • Show canceled after 5:30pm day of concert: all artists 50% of scheduled payment.
 A concert is considered officially canceled once notification is transmitted thru our text and email notifier service (RainedOut app.) View details for signing up for these notifications here or at Sign up under Concert Status.

The most likely cause of cancellation is bad weather and/or icy road conditions.
*A visiting performer or group is considered a person or group who must travel from outside El Paso County, Colorado.

Cancellation by performer or group (artists)
While it is highly unusual for an artist to cancel an engagement the following provisions apply:
All artist initiated cancellations: No compensation provided.
Artists are subject to our non-rebook policy** in the following circumstances:
  1. Cancellations with 3 days or less notification without acceptible justification.
  2. No shows: Artists who fail to provide notice and do not show up for sound checks and performance.
  3. An artist who shows up inebriated, under the influence of drugs (legal or illegal) or otherwise incapacitated will not be allowed to perform and will not receive compensation.

** Non-rebook policy: Artists or groups subject to our non-rebook policy will not be eligible to be rebooked at Buffalo Grass events indefinitely except as follows: upon approval of the president of the society and the booking manager. 

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