Shanna in a Dress
is your quirky best friend who refuses to wear pants. A smashing combination of humor, truth, and poignancy all wrapped up in a sweet voice, this witty wordsmith calls what she does "snarky folk pop from a clever millennial who sucks at dating."

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Buffalo Grass Country Concerts
Great Music for the Whole Family
presented by the Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society
15504 Bradshaw Road - Peyton, Colorado 80831
Rupert Wates
Melodic Art/Folk        

Rupert Wates was born in London. He has been a full time songwriter since the late 1990s and moved to the states in 2007. He has been receiving acclaim for writing and performing his "song stories" to audiences throughout the country including a performance at Buffalo Grass in 2017. His online music appears on radio all over the world. In addition, Wates' songs have been covered by other artists in the UK, Canada and the US.

REVIEW by Bob Hinkle
"Rupert Wates has performed once or twice a year for the last several years here at White Horse. I consider him one of our top solo performers. I'd put Rupert near the top of the list of singer-songwriters I've heard in my 50+ years in music. He's a truly fine lyricist, singer and player who has an enormously positive relationship with his audience."

Widely and positively experienced at live performing, Rupert is a thorough-going professional and a joy to work with. I've never heard a Brit understand America as well as he does and it shows in his music and talk. As the former manager of the late Harry Chapin, I've heard my share of story songs. Rupert's are right up there with the best. Rupert well deserves my highest recommendation..."
(Bob Hinkle, White Horse Black Mountain, NC)

'How can anyone play guitar like that?' (Musicians Corner HC MN)
'Unbelievable experience with Mr Rupert Wates' (Charlie Boy HC CA)
'Our audiences are always blown away' (Empty Nest HC NJ)

We are pleased to welcome Rupert Wates back for a return engagement at the Buffalo Grass Country Concerts.

Free Acoustic Jams
Held 5:30pm on concert nights

Zak Sloan
His music is modern without losing the classic rock roots. He has always been a musician. It took him time to realize he was an artist. Sloan worked as a fourth grade teacher and then became a lawyer, never abandoning his original music.

Zak Sloan now does music exclusively. He has opened his own studio producing himself and other artist. His latest recording, "Porcelain"  hit # 1 on an indie chart. Indie radio stations are playing his music more and more. Sloan is an upcoming star playing music across the country. The response to Sloan's music has been invigorating. Sloan's excited and you will be entertained.  Come and join us for the opportunity to be entertained by Zak Sloan's original ballads and music.

also appearing


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