Buffalo Grass Country Concerts
Great Music for the Whole Family
presented by the Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society
15504 Bradshaw Road - Peyton, Colorado
Great Music for the whole family
Friday, January 19th

Allen and Jill Kirkham
Kurt Astor
Hall Family Band

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Jam info
Doors open 6:30pm
Show time 7:00pm
Admission $7, kids free

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Allen and Jill Kirkham
Guilty as charged.  At the Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society we play favorites.  We always have.  Show after show we invite crowd-pleasing, top performers to our stage.

And now back by popular demand... Allen and Jill Kirkham from Custer, South Dakota will grace our stage on January 19th.  See?  I told you we play favorites.

From the moment they walk on the stage you will know why they are some of our favorite performers and why we nab them every time we can. 

You'll have the opportunity to enjoy a great evening of Cowboy Music -- fast paced, slow moving and in between.  Of course a little of Allen's yodeling is a must as are Jill's signature stories.
Singer-songwriter Allen Kirkham has a way with lyrics and music that lifts your spirits and draws you straight into his story.   Jill's tight harmonies, steady bass and poignant harmonica are the perfect compliment to Allen's clear voice.

It's no wonder these two 2015 Cowboy Idol winners have reached finalist in more than one WMA category.

Jill and Allen are performing members of the Grand Jamboree Show in Custer, South Dakota.   Allen is worship pastor at Crossroads Church in Custer.  Both are members of the South Dakota Mounted US Marshals. 

The Kirkhams are releasing a new CD in January 2018.  I am looking forward to hearing some of the new songs.  Currently my favorite of their 'oldies'  is Ghost Towns.  You can have a listen on YouTube if you like.  I hope they sing that one in January.

Do plan to join us for a fun evening on January 19th.  On that typically cold evening you can bet it will be warm and cozy inside at our show.

We begin at 7:00.  See you there! 

Phyllis Stark

Opening for the Kirkhams are these two great acts:

Kurt Astor
Kurt is a favorite of local audiences.  He easily rivals Johnny Cash and other deep voiced performers both in style and versatility.

His mastery of guitar along with his voice and engaging personality keep audiences asking for more.

Hall Family
The Hall family is a small family group with some very talented  young'uns who will get you toe tapping right off the bat.