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15504 Bradshaw Road - Peyton, Colorado
SMS Real Time Notifications
Text alerts to your phone or email
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To sign up from your mobile/cell phone
text buffalograss to 84483

To sign up for email alerts click this image

If you wish to receive notifications via text messages to your cell phone enter your cell phone number.

If you wish to receive notifications via email enter your email address.

If you wish to receive notifications via both methods complete the signup for one method then repeat the signup for the other method.

Validation code:
When signing up for text messages to your phone, RainedOut will send a validation code to the cell number you entered. The text message  will show the sender as 84483. That is not the validation code. The validation code is in the body of the message.

If at any point you are asked to enter a KEYWORD enter buffalograss and continue.

"RainedOut" is the name of the alerting service. It does not mean the event is rained out.

To unsubscribe from this service:
Text STOP to 84483 from your mobile device or cell phone.


click: https://www.rainedout.net/team_page.php?a=f39486258901ff327471

click: "Manage Your Alert Subscriptions". Provision for canceling your subscription is located at the bottom of the page.