Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society
Great Music for the Whole Family
15504 Bradshaw Road - Peyton, Colorado
Great Music for the whole family
August 18, 2017
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Doors open 6:30pm
Show time 7:00pm
Admission $7, kids free

August 18
Eric Schaffer
Ali Wangrin

Coming soon:
Thanks to the "Crystal Hill Billys" for radio promo music
Joe Uveges

Blue Opera Grass

September 15
Buffalo Grass Concerts

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Doors open 6:30 - Concerts 7pm

The Cowboy Church of Peyton
15504 Bradshaw Rd - 3 miles north of Peyton post office
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Concert tickets $7 adults - 16 and under free
Discounted tickets with membership card
All jams are free to all

Buffalo Grass Acoustic Society is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Donations to this organization are a deductible item for federal income tax purposes.

October 20
Adam Gardino
Ridin' the Strings
November 17
Violet Delancey

Art Pemberton & Company
Justin Johnson